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Vizzia Technology Repair

Enterprise Technology Repair and Maintenance for the most industries

As technology evolves and federal regulations are implemented, maintaining your technology could become a significant drain on your IT budget. Our services will reduce expenses and provide consistent and long-lasting solutions you can depend on. We understand your needs and challenges and we want to be your trusted IT repair and maintenance vendor.

Healthcare Enterprise Technology Repair

We know enterprise technology.

Our technicians service a wide range of equipment including (but not limited to) data collection/bar code scanning, mobility, radio frequency,
printing, displays and touch panel devices.

Any manufacturer, any problem, any age, anywhere.

We maintain and repair both new and legacy equipment by a wide variety of manufacturers. We have the expertise to address and fix any issue
throughout your technology’s life cycle. Our technician availability nationwide and depot repair facility allows us to provide services whenever
and wherever you need it.

Decrease your downtime.

We offer flexible service options for the government and public sector to reduce and eliminate downtime by offering on-site services and
advance exchange options.

Service Programs for Maintenance & Repair

  • Maintenance Contract
    A Maintenance Contract provides repair service for 1-5 years at a fixed annual cost for parts & labor.
  • Flat Rate Repair
    Units are repaired for published flat rate prices after comprehensive evulation of each unit.
  • On-site Printer Repair
    On-site printer repair and printing system maintenance for enterprise-level customers in the US.
  • Printer Protection Plans
    Keep your printers printing with a printer protection plan.
  • Advance Exchange
    We maintain a pool of spare units and dispatch replacements automatically.
  • End-of-Life
    We support older IT equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturer.
  • State-of-the-Art Repair Facility
    Our Repair Factory is designed and organized for maximum efficiency to meet our clients’ enterprise technology maintenance and repair needs.
  • Board Level Repair = Dramatic Cost Savings
    Our in-house engineering teams are experts in understanding device failure modes, detecting the root cause(s) of failure and the best methods to
    re-mediate and prevent them. Our highly trained engineers and technicians utilize the latest ball grid array (BGA) rework stations, x-ray inspection
    systems and moisture sensitive device (MSD) best practices to find the most cost-effective methods to repair units.
Enterprise Technology Repair Portal

VIZZIA Repair Engine

When a device is scheduled for service, VIZZIA’s RepairEngine automatically provides the differentiated process team with the unit’s complete repair

history along with special handling and/or setup instructions when applicable.

Repair work, technicians, parts inventory and microelectronics team support are managed and scheduled through our advanced planning and
scheduling system, which is also integrated with RepairEngine to ensure the most current information is available.

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