10 12, 2013

Point Six Wireless

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Point Six™ temperature sensors utilize wireless technology to accurately monitor and record the temperature and humidity conditions for these critical assets. The temperature and humidity sensors are extremely cost effective as no additional cabling infrastructure is required. Integrated with software programs and Building Automation Systems, Point Six™ technology offers a high degree of scalability and [...]

31 01, 2011


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Sonitor provides VIZZIA with their Indoor Positioning System (IPS), a proprietary RTLS infrastructure that utilizes ultrasound technology to track the location of equipment and people in complex indoor environments such as hospitals. The system automatically tracks at 100 percent room- or sub-room accuracy. Sonitor was founded in Norway in 1997.

1 01, 2011

Thing Magic

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ThingMagic provides VIZZIA with the broadest choice of Passive RFID reader engines and associated architectural guidance as part of our low-cost Passive RFID solution. VIZZIA then utilizes the resulting tracking data to provide our customers with various process-improvement solutions.